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“A whitepaper is not a product. Token holders are not users. Bootstrap your business.” -…0o

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“You only have to solve a small problem to meaningfully change the world. If we all solve small problems, the…qN

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“Economic incentives + protocols + networks = global public utilities.” - @jerallaire

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Prefer proactive paranoia for powerful personal privacy.

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alexbosworth Crypto tech can be used by the individual for sovereignty, or by entrenched powers. I like to think that on the…fx

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“When the stakes are high, expect attackers with high potential.” - Charles Guillemet

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If we’re building the Internet of Money, asking “do you accept Bitcoin?” should become as silly as asking “do you…Je

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“Smart contracts that are executed on a blockchain have poor privacy & performance. Trusted execution…6Y

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“When you overspecify regulations, you end up with regulators picking the winning and losing business models…Cq

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“A lot of folks in Congress confuse ‘investments’ with ‘securities’ - they think that because you can speculate…sw

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@giacomozucco @neha IIRC this is because confidential transactions only hide values of asset transfers but they…YI

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zkLedger offers a nearly ideal solution for an auditable system with strong privacy. Biggest deficiency is poor…BG

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80% of US companies are audited by one of four huge firms. These auditors fail on a regular basis for a variety…ZU

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khannib I’ve published my observations of the effects of the latest episode of high fees here:…


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@benvh @lightning Well done; added a link to the comprehensive LN resources on

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benvh I just started compiling a list of @lightning resources at - additions are welcome

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@coindesk To be specific, many neglected to upgrade when we said they would “save money.” Once we gave them…L2

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patrickhermann There is even divergence on estimating transaction fees, let alone paying them! - @lopp at

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StacieWaleyko “The challenge that non custodial wallets face is finding the balance between security and ease of use.” - @lopp

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“40% to 50% of ICOs are currently underwater - trading at a price lower than the initial offering price.” - @ccatalini

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“Market protocols are programmable value-creation networks with economic structures that rival centrally managed…km

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“We estimate that a given unit of bitcoin changes possession, on average, 1.4 times per month.” - @random_walker

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